Welcome to my workspace

Here you can follow my thoughts and ways around my work-in-progress and in my life in general, before they come to life within a concert, song or even a release. Its my open-air workspace where you can have a sneak peak at some of the more or less vulnerable and less perfect versions of coming outbursts.

Susi Hyldgaard

Il lui fallut une eternité

Det tog en krig at ryste det af sig igen/Il lui fallut une eternité. An attempt to find a way to use my new faible for writing little stories in Danish. Let alone my major audience is German/ French or even english it really is a problem, but.....translating is somehow not the way,- I erased the danish versio...will make a new...ideas are welcome.....

Susi Hyldgaard

Dancing Lessons

I love sound, soundbites, and the creating of new realities by putting wellknown situations in new surroundings and thereby creating something new. I have no overall point in making these little experiments but I have to for my own sake.I miss making radio.

Susi Hyldgaard

Ved du godt det?

Tegne og Fortællekoncert for børn fra 2-års-alderen op til 7-8-års-alderen. Træd ind i Familieloungen - man kan godt nøjes med at tage små bidder af den, eller bare æde rub og stub, alt efter hvad man er i humør til . Den mest swingende musik, de sjoveste historier, den bedste stemning lige til at kravle ind i.

Music Videos

Said about Susi:Thanks a lot for your voice, for your joy, for your music, for your playing...

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